About Meenhar Call Center

Meenhar Call Center is a Subsidiary Organization of Meenhar Securities Ltd. Is one of the largest call center offering quality call center services, as well as other Business Process....

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Welcome to Meenhar Call Center

The Bangladesh is now gaining a quick share in the customer-service call center industry, which is a steadfast business in the world today. The outsourcing business is something that is being given importance because for the Bangladesh Government, this is a huge economic boon in terms of employment since it had been operating.

As the Government of Bangladesh declare for digital Bangladesh vision 2021. The government is seriously focusing on keeping this industry. The call centers continue to grow and surpass the target of employment every year because of the high demand of the offshore business in any parts of the world. Over the past few years, the entry of the foreign investors owning small-and-big company in the Bangladesh signified. The business process outsourcing is considered as the sunshine industry. It cannot be denied that call centers is ready to play an important segment in boosting the economic industry of the country.

There are two categories of call centers: 1) inbound 2) outbound calls.
There are three types of accounts:
i) Telemarketing, ii) Customer service iii) Technical support.

The call center phenomenon in the Bangladesh started in 2007 & After years, potential investors started to outsource their business here until it continues to expand. To connote, the ability of the Bangladesh to do better in customer service is a good advantage. The Bangladesh call centers continue to caters clients from the US , United Kingdom and Australia.

A call center in the Bangladesh is continued to be acknowledged as the sunshine industry because of the massive developments brought to the country. Not only, Metro Chittagong. It also starts to expand in the other Divisional town such as Dhaka , Rajshahi, Khulna , Sylhet, Barisal and Others District. Call centers in the Bangladesh continue to gather support from the government. With all these good development happened the country will achieve its goal by 2021 by stabilizing this industry.